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Welcome to PunctureSafe Herefordshire
PunctureSafe is more than a tyre sealant, it is a tyre safety system that is
"outstanding at sealing punctures"

Manufactured with
our most closely guarded trade secret!
PunctureSafe Seals Punctures "As They Happen"

66% of cars are running on under inflated tyres
42% are so low they are at risk of crashing.
6% of all fatal motorway accidents in the UK are caused by under inflated tyres
A reduction of 8psi can increase fuel costs by 3% (About 4p per litre)
• INSTALLS quickly and cleanly

• ELIMINATES most flats and blowouts

• EXTENDS tyre life

• PROTECTS against under-inflation

• RETARDS dry rot and casing degradation

• ASSISTS in heat reduction

• PROTECTS the entire inner surface of the tyre

• LASTS the life of the tyre
Installed while you wait only taking about 10 minutes.
For more information, to arrange installation or to buy the product to install
yourself please call 01568 708389."
Puncturesafe Herefordshire is the exclusive installer and distributor of Puncturesafe products in Herefordshire
Puncturesafe is THE hassle free way of looking after your tyres,
preventing punctures and protecting you and your family. Here is what
other users have to say:

“I use puncture safe as I would feel very vulnerable if I had a puncture
and became stranded in the side of the road. Especially at night or in
bad weather.”

"PunctureSafe allowed us to continue with our journey safely and
without aggravation, and saved us from a potential blow-out on the
M4 after collecting 2 very large nails in our rear tyre, and that is why
it is one of the many reasons it is so popular with the Mototcyclists.”

"I use puncturesafe as I need to keep my vehicles working in the
fields, especially during planting and harvest times. I love that it is
a British product and environmentally friendly too."
Puncturesafe explained and demonstrated
Farming Equipment
Forestry Vehicles
Off Road Motorcycles

Grass Cutting:
Ride On Mowers
Golf Course Equipment
Barrows and Carts

Site Tippers
Passenger Cars & Motorbikes:
All types of passenger vehicles and motorbikes

Materials Handling:
Fork Lifts
Sack Trolleys

Electric Scooters

Event Organisers

Motorhomes, Caravans and Trailers:
All Motorhomes towed Caravans and Trailers of
•.every type.
Puncturesafe isn't just for cars there is a selection of different grades
for all vehicle types:
"Persimmon Homes were having problems with punctures on
vehicles operating at our construction sites in the North East
so we arranged a trial installing Puncturesafe Extra Heavy
Duty Grade into one of our telehandlers. This trial was so
successful we have extended the use of Puncturesafe to our
fleet of site vehicles throughout the North East.
We are very pleased with the installation of Puncturesafe as
the saving in tyre repairs and downtime on our construction
sites have been substantial.”
Chris Curry,
Construction Director, Persimmon Homes
Puncturesafe seals punctures as
they happen providing an immediate
and permanent seal - No further
repairs required!
Puncturesafe seals up to 6mm holes in
high speed vehicle, up to 20mm holes
in medium speed and up to 30mm
holes in extra heavy duty vehicles.